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 So you're probably wondering just what it is that we do here at ole' Chambers Music Co.  Sell harmonicas, pianos, banjos for lonely cowboys maybe?  Nope, none of that going on here!

    Chambers Music Co. specializes in coin operated equipment, you know: juke boxes, pool tables, dart boards, video games, and just about anything else that will take a nickel!  We also run and sponsor  VNEA pool leagues and N.D.A. dart leagues.   Galaxy Dart board

Our dart leagues feature some of the finest players around, competing regularly against the greatest in the world.  And talk about high tech!  Our dart leagues compete on only the finest equipment; Arachnid Galaxy Dart Boards.  If that weren't enough, we also utilize the carding system to track our players' scores and standings.  

Once again, our pool leagues feature some of the greatest pool players in the area, regularly competing against the best from around the world. Our pool leagues play only on the best equipment too; Valley tables, ranked #1 in the world for over 5 years in a row.

So, if you've played in one of those other leagues and feel like you have what it takes to really compete then it sounds like Chambers Dart Association has what you are looking for!

For more information about our dart or pool leagues, please check the link on the side, or feel free to call, email, or fax us.  Players can also access their standings online by following the link on the side.    

 If you own or run a location that seems to be, let's face it, a little dead, then perhaps what you need is somethingOld Seeburg Juke Box to liven the place up a bit (and make you a nice bit of change on the side!).  Maybe a new CD jukebox, a real crowd pleaser?  A couple of pool tables and a video game for the back room, possibly?  Can't afford to buy or maintain that kind of equipment?  That's okay, our expert staff can help you maximize profits while minimizing headaches by taking care of installation, maintenance, and book-keeping of these and other coin-operated machines.  Give us a call and we'll set you up right!

Do you want to get something for the home but you're not sure the kids have enough quarters to keep it running?   We sell used jukeboxes, video games, and pool tables for home use.  We can also help locate those hard to find parts or antique machines that are a must for every collector.  Have something in mind?  Give us a call and we'll see what we can find for you! 

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