Participation in the TournaMAXX™ Global Player Ranking System™ is accomplished by selecting the TournaMAXX™ icon. First time TournaMAXX™ players will be required to enter their information into the new player profile and will be prompted by the screens as they scroll forward. Previously registered players will be asked to enter their screen name and PIN only. Once entered into the Tournament, the player selects the Tournament game they want to enter and play begins.

To optimize participation in the TournaMAXX™ Tournament, a player should play a minimum of five Tournament games to obtain the highest average score. Upon completion of these initial five games, players' average scores will be continuously updated using their five best scores. The players' averages can never go down! The more times a player posts a score in the Tournament, the higher the probability of a higher average score. Players' scores are calculated on 3 different levels (location, operator, and national). The location level consists of all of the games at a certain location, the operator level consists of all of the games that a single operator runs, and the national level consists of all of the games in a country. The players' averages are computed using all of the games that are played within each level. On a daily basis, the games are updated to reflect the current Tournament leaders, and players will be able to view their ranking on the on-screen video poster™ or the TournaMAXX™ Ranklist at

Tournaments will be scheduled in advance. At the onset of a new Tournament, the dates of the Tournament events are displayed on each machine. At the end of the Tournament, the games will be polled and the information gathered to determine the Tournament winners. Final results are typically displayed within four days of the Tournament's end. All winners’ screen names will be displayed on the game's video poster™ and on Merit’s web site at

The Tournament is subject to the rules and procedures as established by Merit Industries, Inc., and is subject to change without notice. Merit is not sponsoring or providing prizes or awards connected with TournaMAXX™. The use of inappropriate language by the player when registering on the Tournament shall be grounds for immediate disqualification.

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